LXmini kit

LXmini kit

(tube color: unlacquerd white, SEAS drivers: incl drivers)

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LXmini was designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging, when properly set up. The speakers will reveal what is in a recording, but never add unpleasantness. You will get lost in the music and have a big smile on your face, guaranteed!

The LXmini is a 2-way loudspeaker. The speakers frequency range extends from 45 Hz to 20 kHz. The horizontal and vertical off-axis frequency response, which is heard via the room, is spectrally neutral. Thus, listening off-axis merely changes the viewing angle to the phantom acoustic scene rendered by the seemingly absent loudspeakers. 


LXminis are available as turn-key systems.


We also offer DIY kits, that differ from the original LX-mini construction plans in some details.

  • hidden cabling
  • 1-click Neutrik speakON® connectors eliminate cabling errors
  • HDF (dark anthracite color) i.s.o. MDF. HDF is more dense, harder and heavier than MDF. Avoids fringing of edges.
  • Precision CNC-mitered HDF baseplates allow main tube mounting without end-caps
  • upper tube mounting without visible screws
  • Mounting of fullrange driver without screws / holes


The DIY-kit contains

  • 4 original SEAS drivers
  • CNCed HDF parts in (high density wooden material, without the downsides of MDF like soaking edges, etc).
  • Screwless fullrange driver mount, no visible screws on upper tube (screws crossed out red in picture)
  • Capless lower tube mount
  • Screwless upper tube support
  • 2 speakON® 4-way plugs “1-click”
  • 2 Upper Tuber predrilled, raw white, import, precision cut
  • 2 Lower Tube raw white import, precision cut
  • Screw Set upper tube
  • 10 Rubber Feet
  • 2 speakON® holder CNCed HDF with black Screws
  • Screw Set lower tube&base
  • 2 new fullrange screwless mounting rings,
  • 2 Rubber Coupler import
  • 5 m cable 2x 1,5mm²
  • 2 Pack Damp. Wool Monacor MDM2
  • 2 Strips MDM2 Damp Wool for Upper Tubes


Kit does not contain:

  • Glue
  • paint
  • cables to the amplifier
  • tools
  • linkwitzlab LXmini plans/license.


The required amplifier&electronics are availble in one integrated, slim case:
Your music source (e.g. CD-player, turntable, network-player, computer) feeds a PowerBox 4180 or PowerBox6 pro NCore via analog or digital interconnect....all signal processing and amplification will be inside the PowerBox....Easily connect your LXmini speakers by 1-click speakON® fitted cables.



  • add subwoofers SUB2 and enjoy LXmini+2
  • add subwoofers SUB4 and enjoy LXstudio


Additional product information

tube color unlacquerd white
SEAS drivers incl drivers

Selection: LXmini kit

Product no. tube color SEAS drivers Price
LXmini kit-raw unlacquerd white incl drivers
LXmini kit-glas transparent incl drivers
LXmini kit-indv Wunschfarbe nach RAL-Nummer incl drivers
LXmini kit-raw noDrv unlacquerd white no drivers


Product Note Price
LXmini Construction Plans and License LXmini Construction Plans and License
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable
LXmini HDF lacq
PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER
(function: Master)
PowerBox 4180 PowerBox 4180
PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog

Product data sheet

ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass
(DIY: JFETs w/ pcb, 3mm alu case)
ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass
(DIY: stuffed & tested pcb, 3mm AluCase)
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