PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog

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PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog

  • All you need between your -volume controlled- analog source like (Phono-)Preamplifier, DAC, tape machine, ... and your LXspeakers.
  • Purely analog signal processing for LXmini / LXmini+2 / LXstudio, user may switch between these 3 setup configurations.
  • Followed by 6 Hypex NCore power amplifiers with tailored performance: 2x100W, 2x125W, 2x250W, all 2Ohms capable!
  • Balanced signal XLR input with 2-step rumble filter, RCA adaptor available
  • High End ASP with shortest feedback loops and dedicated ground returns.
  • Mica caps for selected duties
  • Well decoupled +/-15V ASP rails, upgrade to ultra lo noise LDOs on request.
  • Tight 1% PP-caps and 0,1% metal film precision audio resistors.
  • High performance audio OpAmps, JFET and bipolar.
  • High current SpeakON output: 2 SpeakONs replace 12“banana” plugs.
  • Slim & quiet fan-less design in a massive 3mm full aluminum case with stainless steel front plate: ca. 44 x 36 x 5,5 cm.
  • 12V trigger input.

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Artikel-Nr. Funktion LoNoise_LDO Preis
PoBox6-A Master Standand ASP PSU
PoBox6-A-LDO Master UltraLoNoise LDO for ASP


Produkt Hinweis Preis
LXmini Bausatz LXmini Bausatz
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-Kabel PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-Kabel
PowerBox-LXsub Y-Kabel PowerBox-LXsub Y-Kabel
LXstudio LXstudio
LXsirius+2 LXsirius+2
LXsirius+2 upgrade, LXsirius+2 upgrade,
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