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LXsirius goes Schloss Elmau.

Schloss Elmau is a unique hideaway to enjoy nature and culture.


"Mention Schloss Elmau to any famous tenor, pianist or violinist, and they talk of a place that’s ‘idyllic’, ‘blissful’, even ‘magical’. No matter where you turn, you feel as if you’re being taken to a better place. Hearing chamber music performed live, with a view of the sun setting over the mountains, is a life-enhancing experience – especially when the musicians are among the most critically acclaimed in their field."
Sam Jackson, Managing editor von Classic FM & Smooth Radio, UK


Read Financial Times "how to spend it" on Schloss Elmau.

Jazztival guests may also enjoy the breathtaking mountain view
together with LXsirius extraordinary phantom soundstage
on a pirivate audition by appointment: info@magicLX.com



OpenHouse in Stuttgart. Again, music lovers could enjoy the natural and holographic presetation of Siegfried Linkwitz´speakers.
Meanwhile, we received quite a few owners of planar speakers. As they report, they enjoy the increased dynamics as well as the increased listeing area, "Sweet Area" vs. "Sweet Spot".



LINN Streamer-PowerBox6 pro NCore-LX521.4 (mit Beryllium Tweeter upgrade)

JRiverID-AFI/USB-OPPO HA1-PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog - LXsirius undLXsirius+2




Where do you look for non-mainstream music tips?

E.g in the treasure chamber of EINKLANG, Stuttgart.

The chief conductor of the SWR Symphonieorchesters, Teodor Currentzis visits EINKLANG , Stuttgart

We love , that holographic LXsirius are now playing in this music-lovers paradise.

EINKLANG hosts special events after official shop closing hours:
Get background information on musicians and records , discuss with fellow enthousiast or just listen to rarities..tonight, e.g. Iggy Pops "FREE". i






Enjoy the alpine view with LXsirius....

Enjoy LXsiriusEnjoy the View and LXsiriusIMG_7250s



SEAS new Subwoofer Chassis XM004-04S arrived here in July.

They replace the former L26 , but no need to change cabinets nor crossovers.

We have the standard version available, aluminum cone color silver,

and the special edition with black aluminum cone.




Eike Linkwitz invited to the 3rd OpenHouse this year.
Again, fully booked.
Some music lovers traveled several hours across the country to experienc Siegfried Linkwitz´ creations.


As the source of phantom images could not be determined easily, a lot of questions came up about what model would be playing right now...?.?.?


We played LXsirius, LXsirius+2 and LX521.4.  All fed by a Tablet PC > AFI-USB Reclocker >PowerBox 6pro NCore > LXspeakers

As you can see, Eike Linkwitz provided a fantastic catering.

Classical music, live Jazz, choir music, male and female voices, organ music, bigband, rock and pop.


Range of different volume levels was covered:
Decent "Pavane" recordings from San Francisco Symphony to Rolling Stones with turned up volume.

Inbetween, the audicence could get insights in the construction/design principles of LXspeakers and
learned to understand why they are so different from convential "box" speakers.

You may pre-register for the next OpenHouse (probably October 2019)
by email to info@magicLX.com 

So, you´ll be noticed about details as soon as they become available.



LX loudspeaker audition - Open House in Corte Madera - Saturday, July 27, 2019 --- 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Due to two fully booked events this year, Eike Linkwitz once more likes to invite you to an unique LX loudspeaker demonstration at the home of linkwitzlab in Corte Madera.

Enjoy the realistic music presentation of LXsirius, LXsirius+2 , LX studio or LX521.4.

Frank Brenner will be availabe for Q&As. 


Send  an email  for number of place reservations at either 10:00 am, 11:30 am or 1:00 pm and for driving directions. Please state, if you are interested in listening to a specific model of LX speakers  (LXmini, LXsirius, LXsirius+2 , LX studio or LX521.4)



As this years first Open House was fully booked, Eike Linkwitz fortunately decided to invite to these gatherings regularly.         

The next Open House in Corte Madera is scheduled for April 27th, 2019 10.00 a.m. to 4.00p.m.

Eike Linkwitz invites you to an unique LX loudspeaker demonstration at the home of linkwitzlab in Corte Madera. 
        Enjoy the realistic presentation of LXmini, LXsirius, LXsirius+2 , LX studio or LX521.4.

        Frank Brenner will be availabe for Q&As. 

        Compared to the LXsirius+2 driven from a single PowerBox the LX521.4 has obviously higher output capability at all frequencies and/or         
        lower  distortion. But in all other respects the music and acoustic scene experiences are remarkably similar. The LX521.4 gives a convincing 
        sound illusion regardless of the type of music played and yet the speakers are revealing of every subtle detail in the recording to a mix 
     and mastering engineer. 

        Send  an email  for number of place reservations at either 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, or 2:30 pm and for driving directions. 
        Please state , if you are  interested in listening to a specific model of LX speakers  (LXmini, LXmini+2 , LX studio or LX521.4)

        See you then, Eike Linkwitz 
        & Frank Brenner.

        Repeating guests are welcome !



Find our new precision Analog Signal processor for LX521.4 in the webshop here




The first Open House Event in 2019 took place in Corte Madera, California


Linkwitz LX speaker enthousiasts and music lovers come together all over the world.

In Singapore it is always a pleasure to meet an active circle at Stevens superb place
to listen / compare / discuss and get some delicious hand-made food. Thank you!

This time, we enjoyed LXmini+2 and LXmini, fed by PowerBox 6pro NCore (DSP based)
and alternatively by
PowerBox 6pro NCore "precision analogue" (ASP based) with
some jazz and some classical music from Stevens large and well sorted collection.





Friends of live jazz music could enjoy the natural presentation and
the uncanny sounstage illusion of LInkwitz LX speakers at Schloss Elmaus 20.Jazztival.



 Live concerts and Linkwitz LX demo surrounded by a beautiful scenery.



Update on 3-way balanced ASP Nelson Pass for LXmini /LXmini+2 / LXstudio.

Nelson Pass continued optimizing its ASP circuit:
"These boards have better distortion and higher maximum output than previous".

Nelson Pass implemented these changes in the fully assembled pcb, which will be shipping this week.
Pcbs in the DIY sets need to be revised,  so that there will not be confusion on assembly,
as some labeling has been changed on parts and several connections have to be made by hand.
These new DIY pcbs are on order and need some more time to arrive here.




This years JazzEsslingen focuses on artists of the renowned ECM label. ECMs Manfred Eicher joined -among many others- the Eleni Karaindrou performance.

The reception before the concert took place in the bel-etage of  Kessler Villa.


We were delighted to present a minimalistic but room-filling LXmini setup (Tablet > PowerBox > LXmini). 

Interested music enthousiasts asked about where this performance emerges from, while there is no "box".

I bet, Siegfried Linkwitz (1935-2018) did watch this from above with a smile.



LXMINI driver set available in dedicated packages with woofer cones in aluminum color or as special edition with black woofer cones. Details

LXMINIdrv special edition black



Burning Amp Festival in San Francisco / Ft Mason.

BAF2018Siegfried This years Burning Amp took place without the mastermind, genius and good friend!

Glad, that his wife Eike agreed to attend the show.

Thanks to Mario and all the helping hands, that made BAF2018 possible!

Many visitors took the opportunity to listen to the LXmini+2 system. It was displayed in two different crossover/amplifier configurations, by plugging between



It was a pleasure meeting you at Burning Amp!

More details on the display in the linkwitzlab room: Tablet PC -> AFI USB Reclocker -> Oppo HA-1 DAC, then either

  1. PowerBox Ncore (ASP inside) -----------------------> LXmini+LXsub2 or
  2. Nelson Pass 3-way balanced ASP -> 6x MOD686 -> LXmini+LXsub2

PowerBox Ncore (ASPinside) was configured as demo unit, fitted with a switch to Nelson Pass 3-way balanced ASPchange between LXmini and LXmini+2 configuration (change in mid-woofer eq and sub-switching).

_DSF4849s _DSF4745s_DSF4619s


Photo credits Eike Linkwitz and D.Rogers



Siegfried Linkwitz (1935-2018)

A warm hearted freethinker, pioneer, innovator and friend passed away. It´s sad.....   





Let´s meet 30SEP2018 at the Burning Amp Festival in San Francisco / Ft Mason.



Be among the first to Listen to our new balanced, JFET-based ASP board, designed by Nelson Pass. 

User selectable for LXmini, LXmini+2 or LX studio operation.

The board(s) will be made available in our webshop after Burning Amp 2018 (bare or stuffed).
Its tailored, massive aluminum case is beeing produced right now.

Tom Christiansen (www.neurochrome.com) will present his remarkable DIY chip-amp designs, amplifying LXmini+2´s six channels.










Just enjoying prototypes of 4 new Beryllium tweeters in LX521.4 s topbaffles.

Beryllium is extremely stiff, light, rare and expensive.

Their smaller dome is a further step towards the ideal point source.

Off axis response improved without compromising the overlay with high mid driver (see 5kHz)

The inprovement is not only in the highs. Mids and lows profit from the enhanced overtone components. Spacial details improve.


Beryllium Tweeters maybe selected as upgrade for LX521.4 turnkey systems.

Limited number 4xBE Tweeter may be available on request for DIY upgraders. Neither baffle change nor crossover change necessary!

449€ p.pc. (EU residents add 19%VAT : €534,31)

Pricing for 4x Beryllium tweeter upgrade is only 1490€ (EU residents add 19%VAT: €1773,10)



19.Jazztival at SCHLOSS ELMAU.


LXminis 3D-soundstage convinces Jazz enthousiasts. 

Even more, when presented in front of such a majestic scenery.





Ft Mason /SanFrancisco was t h e diy-Audio destination:

Burning Amp 2017 opened its doors.

Eike and Siegfried Linkwitz hosted the well visited  "Linkwitz Lair".

Planned highlight was the demo of two masterminds`cooperation: Siegfried Linkwitz und Nelson Pass.

Nelson Pass´ new 3-way ASP with low distortion JFET buffers supplies a LXmini+2 system.

Furthermore, PowerBox 6pro "analog precision" prototype (same ASP-transfer function as NPs JFET ASP).

PowerBox 6pro "Analog Precision"  comes with six integrated Hypex NCore amplifiers.


With an analog type PowerBox, the D/A conversion needs to take place upstream.

A professional studio DAC proved as the right choice : arfi DAC2


We had two LXmini +2 systems on display.

For technical reasons , only the LXmini+2 with PowerBox was in operation.

Very convincing! When starting the show, we heard the first comments: "This system shouldn´t sound so good!"

More pictures here: http://www.linkwitzlab.com/BA-2017/lxmini+2.htm

Many thanks to Charlie Laub, Nelson Pass and all the crew, that made BAF 2017 possible!



Let s meet at this years Burning Amp Festival.

Listen to some new devices (Two Masterminds Cooperate) and

attend high quality lectures.

12.NOV 2017 , Fort Mason, San Francisco

BurningAmp : The annual audio DIY event at Fort Mason, San Francisco CA for audiophiles who make their own equipment, components for amps, speakers, and parts.






Jazzfest Esslingen received guests in the traditional Kessler Villa.

We played live recordings , taken at Esslinger Festival 2015.

Music lovers could convince themselves about the 3D soundstage of the

LXmini+2 system.




LX521.4 got an updated electrical connect option. Easy 1-click SpeakOn8 plugs holders are pre-installed in the bridge feet. This connection replaces the elevated SpeakOn8 plug at baffle supports rear side, resulting in a cleaner aspect from rear side.

SpeakOn8 in Bridge Foot



All slots were booked to hear LX speakers on this side of the Atlantic. Listeners flew in from Ireland (Cheers Dara!) or came by car/train from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Music was played from a Linn Akurate DS Streamer (modded by Dr. Gert Volk) , feeding PowerBoxes 6pro NCore via SPDIF.




"Fascinating 3-dimensional soundstage",

"uncanny phantom illusion created by LXmini ...",

"..LXsub2 do even enhance this effect ..",

" it is hard to find a competitor for LX521.4 , no matter of price...."



















Open-House near Stuttgart airport. Listen to LXmini, LX521.4 and PowerBoxes.

March 25th, 2017 near Stuttgart airport.

Contact info@magicLX521 for location / timing details



David B. (Sweden) , LXstudio:

Their names are Marley and Yuki and love the music in the house, even at reference volumes. 

When we are listening to music we can be sure to find them on the PowerBoxes




As requested by customers, we are happy to announce that the LX521 kit is now available in HDF as well. See LX521kit HDF.


HDF is a modern high density wooden material, that avoids the downsides of MDF (soaking edges, etc). HDF in dark anthracite:

It is an extremely robust high density, black coloured wood fibreboard (>1,000 kg/m³). Its high strength across the complete board cross section facilitates three-dimensional processing without any risk of fraying. It is a natural material made of wood which defibres gently and is manufactured according to ecological principles.

HDF can be used as extremely compact, robust support board. Thanks to its black colouring and the compact product structure, the board can also be used as an attractive surface without additional coating. 

HDF is ideally suited for applications requiring ecologically sustainable material due to its environmentally compatible manufacturing.



Easy connection and setup tips for a PowerBox MASTER-FOLLOWER-tandem (LX521.4) may be found here.

Press <Pause> if desired to finish reading. Or as Download



Last weekend, we had an audition in Stuttgart/Gemany, where two groups of interested audiophiles from Austria/Germany/Switzerland listened to the extraordinary performance of LXmini and LX521.4, that you cannot buy in HiFi shops.....

A quick review of the setups:

> signal source : LINN Akurate DS (modded by Dr Gert Volk)

> BNC-to-digRCA cable

> LX521.4 on two PowerBoxes 6pro NCore (Master-Follower-Tandem) , interconnected by a Sommer CAT7 patch cable.


> LXmini, fed by a PowerBox4180 (UcD based)




The first PowerBox 6pro NCore pair reached his new owner.

This MASTER - FOLLOWER tandem took the joy of LX521.4 playback to another level.

Listening in a small group , including a well respected sound engineer (Grammy-nominated recordings in his portfolio) , we all observed a joyful richness in details, beeing combined with a pleasant coherence of soundstage and timing.

We were pleased by the ease and naturalness of the artists presentation , coming from this extraordinary LX521.4 system.




Thanks to all of you coming over to the Burning Amp 2016. Hopefully, you had a good time and could enjoy the LXmini +2 demo sessions. The LXminis were built by using precision CNC mitered, anthracite HDF parts. LX speakers are exceptional speakers,  designed by Siegfried Linkwitz. Leaving traditional "box"-design behind.

We played music from the HD of a laptop, running JRiver. This laptop became a high-end music source when connecting its USB output to the AFI-USB noise blocker/reclocker.

The AFI-USB delivered a completely reclocked digital signal to the brand new PowerBox 6pro NCore. Professional 8pole SpeakON plugs at its output connected to the LXminis and SUB2 spealers (= LXmini+2)

Your feedback on the systems naturalness and soundstage was overwhelming ("like analogue, just better" , "realistic soundstage @ various listening positions" , " feels like listening to music and not to equipment" , ......)  Thank you!. If we could not answer all your questions -or of more questions arose later- see the flyers below and feel free to e-mail to info@magicLX521.com















Further information from our flyers:

The just launched  PB 6 pro NCore      Flyer Down



the upcoming PowerHouse         Flyer Download

and the AFI USB    Flyer Download  scroll down this site  to 05JUL2016 for furter details






Let´s meet 13NOV2016 at the Burning Amp Festival in San Francisco / Ft Mason.



Be among the first to Listen to our new PowerBox 6 pro NCore.

PowerBox 6 pro NCore  Hypex DSP with 6 NCore-amplified channels

is the high-end solution to feed your LXmini, LXmini +2, LXstudio and LX521.4 (for LX521.4 -> one PowerBox per side).

It is all you need between your music player and LXspeakers.


....and PowerBoxes work easily with other speakers (replacing passive crossovers, boosting them to NCore performance). Via USB cable, feel free to load your own filters into the PowerBox. Additionally, adjust every channel in gain, time delay and inverting



LXmini+2 is the latest system design by linkwitzlab. LXmini+2 may easily be supplied by PowerBox 4180.

+2 woofers (= LXsub2) get their signals from PowerBox "line-out" (=Ch5&6).

Fully balanced connection to our PowerAmp 2180.

PowerAmp 2180 is the dedicated amplifier for these LXsub2 woofers

PowerAmp 2180 is based on 2x Hypex UcD180OEM. 699€ (in EU plus 19%VAT)


NEW : Alternatively , you may consider the brand new 6 ch PowerBox 6pro NCore . €2490  (in EU plus 19% VAT)


Connect the PowerAmp 2180 to these LXsub2 woofers with our standard 1-click SpeakON Y-cables.

Y-cables available in 2x5m or 2x2,5m length.


                        PowerBox4180                                                 PowerAmp 2180


LXmini+2 as upgrade kitfrom LXmini:

Special introduction price for LXsub2 kit incl 2x SEAS L26RO4Y woofer drivers: €499 //in EU add 19%VAT





additional tips for LXmini kit FR driver ring mounting:

The FR mount ring is designed for easy mount and tight fit into the upper tube.

But tight fit means also, that the mounting ring might need some pressure of 4 fingers and/or some other measures to make it in.  For mounting,


-make the upper tube stand on a table

-attach the FR mount ring to the magnet (as on the photo) and secure it with a few drops of (hot) glue

-press the FR driver with the attached FR mount ring into the upper tube.

-you may rotate itunder pressure,  left-right

-slight production tolerances (tube inner diameter and mount ring outer diameter) or material edges at the tube cut inner side may be overcome by

deburring (sanding) the inner rim of the tube   and/or the edges of the mount rings blocks (see orange pointers)

warming the tubes first centimeters in hot water

slightly sanding the blocks outer side (blue pointer)




Finally, adjust the last millimeters by equally pressing on the 4 blocks, till the little “noses” touch the tube rim.


Additionally, secure the mounting rings position with a drop of plastic glue at each of the 4 blocks at the inner surface of the tube.

The FR driver sits perfectly.



















Transforming an ordinary laptop, tablet or desktop computer into a high-end music source:

AFI-USB eliminates HF noise and provides a completely reclocked signal (not just PLL)

The typical application with the PowerBox consists of these elements


Computers USB port connecdts via USB cable to

USB unit

-connects with 3 fibre optic cables to-


-connects (ideally) with shielded Ethercon network cable to-

  Adaptor to BNC/digRCA/digXLR


Digital signal routing:      Computers USB port > AFI-USB > PowerBox (or DAC)


The AFI USB concept (excerpt from ACOUSENCE information):

The USB audio-converter module transforms the afi,connected to a computer and a DA converter (DAC), into a full-fledged, very high-quality audio source device for digital playback. The computer becomes a music player. The issues of "avoiding HF interference and clocking precision" are perfected here.

In principle, a computer is ideal for managing a digital music collection and playing back music with regard to its flexibility and operating convenience. Unfortunately, from a sound point of view, a computer is a highly inhospitable environment for the audiophile's enjoyment of music. Computer are machines with calculate at high clocking rates and run innumerable processes during music playback. As a result, they create a broad spectrum of high-frequency interference.

In order to keep this unavoidable interference from the computer away from the sound-sensitive audio section, our USB option has a two-part design:

1. The external USB-FOC module for communication with the computer

2. The internal USB module built into afi, which takes over all tasks of the music playback procedure which are relevant to the sound.

Both units are connected to each other with the help of three fibre optic cables (FOC) for maximum isolation from interference. Thanks to the optical coupling, there is no direct electrical pathway for HF interference from the computer to the audio section. Both units are completely galvanically isolated, so mass flows are eliminated. Secondary effects of the computer on the audio equipment (interference via electric grid and electromagnetic radiation) can also be optimised by the increased distance between the computer and the audio devices. The standard length of the FOCs is two metres; six metre cables are also available.

The most important difference between this and a conventional transmission of a digital audio signal via optical cable from the computer to a DA converter is: if a conventional digital signal is transmitted via toslink, then the clocking signal is embedded within it. The clocking information is at the same time the HF interference of the computer in the form of Jitter, and Jitter is very difficult to completely remove after the fact. Therefore, the optical audio connection does not eliminate the interference from the computer per se.

In contrast, the FOC connection of our USB module contains no clocking information that is relevant to the sound. Therefore there are a total of three FOCs. The only clocking information relevant to the sound is created by two reference oscillators in the Afi module. The audio files are thus clocked under ideal conditions, far away from computer influences. The external USB module receives the clocking information from the internal module as well, but this is only on a "working basis" in order to be able to send the audio files to the internal module. However, neither the clocking quality of the FOC connection nor the clocking precision of the audio stream sent to the Afi affect the sound.

The double (duplex) FOC is responsible for both the clocking to the USB module and the audio from the USB module. The third FOC only transmits the switching signal for each sampling rate family. Depending on whether the rate is 44.1 kHz multiples or 48 kHz multiples, the appropriate oscillator is activated, which then very precisely clocks the audio stream to the DAC, fully independent of the computer.



AFI USB Modul Grafik1


The external USB-FOC module with a USB-B jack (1) to be connected to the computer, Duplex FOC connection (2) and FOC interconnection (3). The RJ45-Ethercon output of the afis or afi is either directly connected via RJ45-XLR cable (4) or via RJ45-RJ45 cable (5) plus adapter box (6) to the DAC.


AFI-USB system incl 3-way optical interconnect cables from USB to AFI Box €1049 (plus 19% VAT inside EU)

RJ45-BNC adaptor incl BNC-RCA adaptor €42,02 ; (€50 incl VAT inside EU)




Readily assembled turn-key LXminis in black will be stuffed with black damp wool. The new rear grill keeps the black damp wool in place.




Following customer requests for amplification modules, we are able to announce a compact solution with


UcD180OEM highest qualtity Hypex amplifiers DIY bundle.

You may easily combine this 4x180W assembly with the Hypex DLCPs.

A central board with 4 x 36pin plugs and one 20pin plug allow secure connection.


Package contains 4 180W UcD180 OEM modules , 1 central pcb, 4 36-pin connectors , 1 20pin connector

€449 export  (€534,31 incl VAT)



LXmini+2 woofer additions will be available soon. You may -again- expect a kit of highest quality components, allowing a fast and precise assembly without visible screws etc. Availability and pricing will follow soon.

LXstudio light is another option for LXmini upgraders. Interesting for LXmini owners, that consider a flawless upgrade to LXstudio or LX521 in the future: The LX521 woofer is loaded only with the lower driver, upper drivers mounting hole temporarily closed. Ready for easy upgrade to full woofer power.




The new reclocker and HF-isolator AFI-USB did a convincing job in Corte Madera. A conventional Surface3 pro tablet PC turned into a high-end digital source, eliminating the last traces of graininess.

We were delighted by the kind of phantom stage, precision and naturalness that could be achieved with Siegfrieds LXminis , fed by a PowerBox 4180.

This AFI-USB reclocker is fed by an USB source. It combines HF elimination and a new (high precision) clocking after the optical transmission part. Not just PLL. For best signal transmission, the output is realized with EtherCon interconnects and shielded network cables. The interconnect adapt to BNC, digital coax or XLR just at the next downstream unit (=PowerBox)

If yo want to upgrade your digital USB source with an AFI-USB, just mention it with your PowerBox order. (€ 983,19 export // €1170 incl VAT). Includes 115V-230V power supply.

Will AFI-USB reclocking always improve sound notably?

1) If a digital source (€€€€-€€€€€) is extremely low in jitter an HF-noise , there isn´t much to improve.

2) If a downstream DSP / DAC introduces new jitter and artefacts, the very clean signal of AFI-USB may be messed up again.



"Open House" at Linkwitzlab.

A unique opportunity to listen to LXmini, LXstudio and LX521, presented by the designer himself.... and to experience Eike and Siegfried Linkwitz`overwhelming hospitality.

The interested audience got familiar to the design priciples of these outstanding loudspeaker system. Time for discussion and questions . And of course time to hear these unconventional loudspeakers perform, fascinating the audience with their stable, live-like illusion of musical performance, that does n o t collapse when leaving the "sweet spot".

Visitors could convince themselves by wandering around in the room: The phantom imaging remains stable , no matter where you listen from.

No Room correction at work, no fancy room treatment, no boutique cables. But intelligent engineering and a huge wealth of experience allowed the design of these transducers, that work so well with the room.

All rounded up by Eikes fantatic catering (home-made Brownies and more). Thank you!

Highly recommended , try to get a ticket for a possible future session!





The retired Chief Engineer of SCHOEPS Microphones describes his listening experiences with Linkwitz Loudspeakers in the German TONART magazine #4-2015, a supplement to the physicians "Ärzteblatt".  See page 34.

TONART is also available in the www for browsing or as pdf download here













from the new batch onwards, the "Linear Audio Vol.4"-recommended Sjöström Superregulators SSR01 / SSR02 will have flexibility in output voltage and now come with cables soldered. Output voltage adjustable by 10x turn potentiometer (blue with golden turn knob, see pic below).

Input 14V to 24V --- Output 11V to 21V . Input voltage must be at least 3V higher than desired output voltage.


SSR01 Positive SuperRegulator    SSR02 Negative SuperRegulator



..just to mention a statement from Daniel Weiss (Weiss DACs, Saracon conversion software etc...) on the DSD vs PCM discussion in "connect" 2013:

"Die wahren Baustellen in der Audiotechnik sind Lautsprecher und -Platzierung, Raumakustik und -korrektur, neue Paradigmen bei der Audiowiedergabe (etwa Crosstalk Cancelling) usw. Die "schneller, höher, weiter" Entwicklung, auch bei PCM, ist komplett überflüssig"



Digital jitter may reduce a digital listening experience. Today were able to hear one of these jitter-reducing-devices (latest generation), a pre-production sample of the upcoming MUTEC MC3+USB re-clocker.

HP-laptop/Win7/JRiver, FLAC files over USB > USB Cable > MC3+USB > AES/XLR cable > PowerBox 4180 > LXstudio. So, the set-up was comparable to the LXstudio set-up at Burning Amp Festival last week, except the MC3+USB re-clocker replaced the former USB-to-OPT converter.

The difference was immediate and obvious. E.g. Gene Harris´piano ("Little Darlin`" from Ray Brown:" Live at the Loa") gained substantially in clarity as well did the cymbals.  Remarkable. The MC3+USB forwards the digital music data stream not only bit-perfect but also at the right pace. Once more astonished, what LXmini/LXstudio  can bring to "life".



This years Burning Amp Festival took place in Redwood City/ Silicon Valley.

Thanks to all staff and volunters for making this possible!

In the "Linkwitz Lair", we were able to show Siegfrieds LXmini and LXstudio, fed by our PowerBox4180 (+2xMonoblocks for woofers)

The Linkwitz Lair was mostly taken by fascinated listeners:                  

"In Linkwitz´room, you don´t feel listening to loudspeakers, but to a musical performance"



LX speaker family is introduced to readers of the German Ärzteblatt via its quarterly supplement  "TONART Magazin" . You´ll find news on Jazz, Classical and Pop music. See pg.32 in the online version



While writing these lines, I am enjoying LX521.4 on two PowerBoxes4400pro.

The PowerBoxes4400pro are stuffed with 400W Hypex Modules and feed every channel (even the 2-Ohms paralleled woofers ) with plenty of headroom. They operate in a MASTER/FOLLOWER tandem. Volume and Input sel are automatically synchronized between this left and the right PowerBox.

Hassle -free Loudspeaker connect is by Neutrik SpeakOn-8 pole plugs



The outstanding experience with PowerBox4180 could be enlarged to LXstudio! One 400W PowerModule400 per V-frame-woofer enhanced the lower spectrum at higher volume levels. Double basses show more low end energy, basedrums "attacks" may be felt in the chest.



LXmini with transparent tubes and PowerBox4180 


Dear Dr Brenner,

.... By the way, and as Mr Linkwitz predicts, the LXmini (with PowerBox) has become the reference by which we judge other components, and recordings as well.

Thanks again.

James S., USA






As the PowerBoxes are fully balanced designs, analogue inputs are balanced XLR plugs. If your source offers other analogue outputs than balanced XLR, checkout our new special interconnects:

RCA (cinch)  to  XLR.  Shielded symm. quality cable, balancing R=100 Ohms in line3 (may be adapted to your source). HF blockers. 39€ (46,41€ incl VAT), 1m


3,5mm TRS (3pole)  to  XLR. To be used with e.g. PONO PLAYER balanced output. Shielded symm. quality cable. 29€ (34,51€ incl VAT), 0,2m.





A special high-end edition of topbaffles will be shipping soon.

See the making of the "CP-Edition" with full aluminum milled front & back,

covering a well damping Panzerholz core.

After anodizing in custom color and final assembly , the units will ship






Enjoy LX speakers with our high end PowerBox:



PowerBox listening impressions:

Samuli K with PowerBox4180 :

....Powerbox arrived, everything was professionally packaged and device in one piece. I was very happy to notice that now i can get rid of separate bulky Nad power amps, minidsp, cable jungle etc. mess. Very neat, clean and visually satisfying package. .........

When i got Powerbox the sound improvement was not marginal, it was huge! I was in fall assumption that D-class amplification is kind of thin, artificial and trebly. Sound became very balanced, just correctly warm (still not too warm or ”warm", but compared to Nad system) but very detailed and just coherent........ Sound is even detailed with correct material and Lxminis create that ”sound wall” and disappear!


Jeffrey H with PowerBox 4400Analogue pro on LX521:

Hi Frank,  ....... The detail, clarity, and soundstage are all extraordinary. I don't really believe in magic, but this is the closest I've heard to real music from a recording.  Thank you for all your help making this possible.  Regards, Jeffrey 




The PowerBox by magicLX521 

High-End DSP with ultra linear Poweramplifiers

Being quite sceptical on using digital filtering for high-end listening, only a top-notch DSP solution was acceptable as "brain" of the PowerBox:

Expertly designed digital and analogue sections of the Hypex DSP platform (Netherlands) combined with only finest ingredients allows DSP design without compromise.

The PowerBox provides not only precise filtering, but also ultra linear amplification.

Enjoy the effortless musical presentation by four Hypex UcD amplifiers, well known for their neutrality and very low distortion figures. They are arranged as optimized and fully balanced internal system layout, allowing shortest signal traces and minimizing losses as well as artefacts.

The PowerBox is a preamp with volume control, a 6-ch DSP with 6ch-DAC , feeding a 4-channel power amplifier in one slim but massive powder-coated aluminum top with brushed stainless steel frontplate.

Alltogether a perfect match for Linkwitz speakers:

Sound is only "colored" by the artist, not by the amplifier!  >>>>Not just sound. But music.


It's hassle free...

No error-prone "spaghetti cabling" necessary.

1) Connect your LXmini speakers to the PowerBox with professional Neutrik SpeakON® 1-click connectors.

2) Connect your source (e.g.CD-player) to the PowerBox ....and enjoy!



Transparent LXmini tubes may be varied in decoration , e.g. at the inner side of the transparent tubes with textile, foil, photos etc



Going beyond LXmini ?

Use the PowerBox as a basis for your upgrade path in the Linkwitz speaker family.

With additional woofer amplification, the 6-way DSP of the PowerBox will be able to feed your future LXstudio or LX521 speaker system.

The 8-channel system LX521.4 is run by two PowerBoxes.

Several PowerBoxes may be chained, allowing a combination of several LX521s and LXmini speakers in larger rooms or home theaters.

Interested in applying individual filters? The HYPEX FILTER DESIGN PC-software makes the PowerBox future proof and allows you to realize own projects. 15 programmable filters per each of the six channels guarantees precise XO definition and a wide spectrum of use.


PowerBox 4180, 4x180W: €1890.- (EU residents 2249€, incl 19%VAT).

PowerBox 4400 pro, 4x400W: €2190.- (EU residents 2606€, incl 19%VAT)

PowerBox 4400A pro, 4x400W; fully analogue; ASP for classic LX521: €2390.- (EU res. 2844€, incl 19%VAT).

Preloaded filters for LXmini or LXstudio owners.





A slide show illustrates the LXmini assembly        (windows media player) 


Building the LXmini on VIMEO https://vimeo.com/128852033



The first PowerBoxes 4180 (4x180W), containing the High-End DSP from HYPEX (Netherlands) are delivered to LXmini owners. Details will follow soon.



The HIGHEND fair in Munich started with a record number of participants.

Beeing interested in loudspeaker demonstrations, many systems showed good tonality and dynamics. But there were few of them, capable of maintaining a soundstage when sitting only one chair off the middle seat!

A believeable soundstage , comparable to the one of the LX speaker family was found on very few systems. These remarkable ones had either a dipole or omni radiation pattern.....and prices in the €€.€€€ region.












LXstudio  was launched by Linkwitzlab

Welcome to the new member of the Linkwitz speaker family!


We will offer LX studio as kit and ready made units.




For proof of plan ownership, send the confirmation e-mail from linkwitzlab (required latest before shipment)  to plans@magicLX521.com

For inquires concerning  ready made LX Studio systems with individual finish/design options contact info@magicLX521.com




From today, all "transparent" LXminis (kits and assembled units) will have the new adapted

HDF base plate, allowing easy mounting without screws and without end caps.



From today, all LXminis with transparent tubes will have their FR driver mounted easily and without screws, without holes.



By customer request, LXmini is now available as assembled and lacquered speaker. Prices depending on choosen details.

Together with the PowerBox (4x180W, HypexDLCP, further details will be announced soon) and SpeakON cabling, this makes a turnkey solution.



Demo for local Rotary Club Members, focusing on todays possibilities of sound reproduction, with Linkwitz speakers LX521 and LXmini.




The baseplate C1/C2 comes now with a cable canal. You may use it as an alternative,

hidden cable routing.      Picture taken from below (untreated HDF parts)









As the turnkey LX521 Titanium Series needs connection of loudspeaker cables at the baffle support, we used colored cables into screw clamps.
To ease the connection further, all Titanium deliveries from now on will have plug connectors.



For LX521, we widen our stock by adding assembled bridges and topbaffles in HDF. The topbaffles are available with precious wood applications (eg Paduk) for the tweeter subbaffles


HDF  is an extremely robust high density, black coloured wood fibre product (>1,000 kg/m³). Its high strength across the complete board cross section facilitates three-dimensional processing without any risk of fraying. It is a natural material made of wood which defibres gently and is manufactured according to ecological principles.
Thanks to its black colouring and the compact product structure, the board can also be used as an attractive surface without additional coating



Pictures of the LXmini set containing


Baseplates and driver rings CNCed in HDF ,  
4 SEAS Drivers
2 Upper Tuber predrilled white, import ,
2 Lower Tube white import     
Screw Set upper tube     
10 Rubber Feet
2 Speakon Holder CNCed HDF     
2 Speakon Plug 4 pole     
Screw Set lower tube&base     
2 EndCap import
2 Rubber Coupler import
5 m cable 1,5mm²     
2 Damp. Wool Monacor MDM3


€499 (within EU  plus 19%VAT)



"Stereophile" visited the Linkwitz Room at the Rocky Moutain Audio Fest:


>>...The expression, "giant-killer" is, in this case, not an exaggeration <<

read more here

....and further....


Hi Frank,

Your kit arrived yesterday. The accuracy, fit, and finish are simply fantastic. The cutouts for wiring connections you designed in the base plate, which I dreaded having to make myself, are already there. The shapes are perfect. The mounting blocks are ready to go, with nothing else needed. Holes have been countersunk where necessary. The dark grey HDF material is attractive, very dense and hard, and looks excellent even without any sanding or painting. Your kit makes assembly of the LXMini about as simple as playing with Lego.

Thank you very much for the obvious care you take in producing these kits. They make a fine match to SL's extraordinary designs. I cannot imagine your margins are attractive, given high production costs per piece for limited runs, so you must clearly love the Siegfried Linkwitz LX Mini and LX521, and have a desire to further their reach.


Michiel, NYC



LXmini  "black stylus" ,  side-by-side with LX521



grey upper tube , lacquered dull black




see here some parts. The full kit contains furthermore the couplers, dampening MDM3 , speakon connect etc (see list below)



Mr Linkwitz reported successful application of Monacor MDM3 Dampening Material (wool/polyester mixture) in LXmini tubes.

MDM3 is available for ordering. 2 packs needed for LXmini



LXmini SEAS drivers arrived from Norway.

Now, all LXmini kits ship in the sequence of orders arrived.

(except for parcels, that wait for white US tubes/couplers/caps)



....and new  >>>>


lower tubes´transparent carbon look                upper tubes´minimalistic driver mounting






connecting LX521 to your Amp or PowerBox. These pro cables are now available per meter:


stage approved Sommer Cables

Sommer Elephant 840 8x4mm²

Sommer Elepant 825 8x2,5mm²



As we are receiving requests for additional parts , the LXmini portfolio grows:

4" end caps are on the way from the US, black(*),
(sorry, not as cheap as US prices due to airfreight , inbound customs taxes  etc)

Original Fernco Couplers(*):

upper tube
white or blue) PVC raw cut, as received from factory
same , but cuts egalised and tube predrilled

in transparent plexiglass with polished cuts
same , but as predrilled tube







CNC-ed parts in HDF black are done and ready to ship.



We support Siegfried Linkwitz´ new creation: LXmini


LXmini kit

The board material for the LXmini kit:

A modern high density wooden material, that avoids the downsides of MDF (soaking edges, etc).

It is HDF, in dull black:



It is an extremely robust high density, black coloured wood fibreboard (>1,000 kg/m³). Its high strength across the complete board cross section facilitates three-dimensional processing without any risk of fraying. It is a natural material made of wood which defibres gently and is manufactured according to ecological principles.

It can be used as extremely compact, robust support board. Thanks to its black colouring and the compact product structure, the board can also be used as an attractive surface without additional coating

It is ideally suited for applications requiring ecologically sustainable material due to its environmentally compatible manufacturing.




Celebrating this fantastic soccer world cup in Brazil,
we are happy to announce, that the LX521 Titanium Series is now available in


Some pictures of Brazilian Cherry
The pricing is the same category as Bubinga or Paduk wood



New anthracite foam inserts  

cover the cabling in the baffle support here





Electric Cars and LX521 at the CARHOTEL Stuttgart http://brc-stuttgart.de/

The CARHOTEL is a premium garage, where precious cars are taken care of. Not only during winter time. Comprehensive service package is offered for owners of (vintage) high-end cars.



Recently, selected guests had the opportunity to join the event at the CARHOTEL and go for a testride with a TESLA Model S, a BMW i3....and -of course- listen to the LX521

Even in this extremely open, reflective and asymetrical environment, the outstanding phantom imaging of LX521 could be demonstrated to an interested audience.

Two systems played alternately:

System 1 (left) fed by a LINN network player and 2 PowerBoxes

System 2 (right) fed by a SONOS connect , ASP and  8ch amplifier MarantzMM8003




Car enthousiasts were impressed by the virtual soundstage, dynamics, clarity and "reality" in the presented live recordings, as they never experienced these possibilities of stereo reproduction.

A 5.1 system owner described the LX521 soundstage as much more live-like than his system: "5.1 is rather fast-food for the ears"



Unfortunately, LX521s unique listening experience cannot be demonstrated via internet!





High End 2014 in Munich.

Meanwhile a quite big fair and an opportunity to listen to a lot of setups. Furthermore, there is room for  for interesting conversations with developers and other audiophiles.

Tons of material, including amps in refrigerator size, cables as thick as forearms and speakers tall/wide like wardrobes.

Turntables, triode amps as well as the latest development in DACs and Class D amplification were shown.

Most of the setups I listened to showed very good in tonality and timbre, but only very few were able to present believeable soundstages with music "detached" from the speakers. Maybe , I´m too spoiled by LX521s performance.




The neutral sound of PowerBoxes Hypex amplification 4x400W (per side) is an excellent match for the
neutral Reference Monitor LX521. Dimensions only 44x36x5,5 cm.




Additionally to the precious veneer versions (53 wood types!) and Panzerholz,

you may also choose from these massive wood types (3-layer)

- Lightly steamed Beech 
- Lightly steamed Beech Redheart
- European Oak
- Wild Oak (Rustic with knots)
- European Maple
- Birch
- European Alder (not steamed)
- Ash  (no brownheart)
- European Cherry 
- European Walnut
- American Walnut (Black Walnut) 



Three audio engineers listened to the LX521: Here is a report in German (Google Translate may help)






Long time testing of the PowerBox in  4x180W and 4x400W configurations runs sucessfully.

I like the no hassle connections

-one XLR

-one 8pole Speakon





First LX521 in massive oak (3 layered, line oiled)



28 DEC13

From 2014 we ship also fully assembled systems in a 110kg airfreight container.

Rates vary with fuel surcharges

24 DEC13

The music reproduction chain starts with the proper recording of music. You may listen to several different recording microphone arrangements:



Almost-ready-to- play LX builts are about to be finished (or are already finished). We will soon see nice pictures of LX521 in different wood types: eg. Paduk , American Walnut, Bobinga, Panzerholz, Cherrywood, Makassar, etc...


Cherry raw




The finish ranges from oiled wood, naturmatt clear lacquer, seidenglanz clear lacquer to high-gloss finish