ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass


ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass

Balanced Analog Signal Processor (ASP) for LXmini / LXmini+2 / LXstudio.

JFET based design by Nelson Pass with optimized gain structure.

Ca 100 paired JFETs

Gain adjustment via 8 pots. Our tailored full aluminum case allows adjustment by screwdriver (case closed)

Connect via XLR 488-nc3fd-v495-nc3md-hor RCA  776-nf2d-2-1plugs possible.

The Analog Signal Processor ASP) receives music signals from your preamp or (CD-) player, processes the signals for downstream external power amps:


Number of required power amp channels:

4 power amp channels for LXmini (eg two identical stereo amps)

6 power amp channels for LXmini+2 (eg three identical stereo amps)


  • Power Amps, that are able to drive 2 Ohm loads  >> 6 power amp channels
  • Power Amps, that are not able to drive 2 Ohm loads  >> 8 power amp channels

Additional product information

DIY JFETs w/ pcb, 3mm alu case


Product Note Price
ASP Std PSU-15 ASP Std PSU-15
(Volt: +/-15V)
3mm Aluminium case 3mm Aluminium case
Y cable XLR Y cable XLR
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