LXmini kit

LXmini kit

(tube color: Wunschfarbe nach RAL-Nummer, SEAS drivers: incl drivers)

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The LXmini was designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging, when properly set up. The speakers will reveal what is in a recording, but never add unpleasantness. You will get lost in the music and have a big smile on your face, guaranteed!

The LXmini is a 2-way loudspeaker. The speakers frequency range extends from 45 Hz to 20 kHz. The horizontal and vertical off-axis frequency response, which is heard via the room, is spectrally neutral. Thus, listening off-axis merely changes the viewing angle to the phantom acoustic scene rendered by the seemingly absent loudspeakers. 

Physics limits the maximum sound level output from a 5 inch woofer below 150 Hz. A gradual, 12 dB/octave low end roll-off provides satisfactory bass extension below 50 Hz. For LXmini+2 , add separate subwoofers Sub2 for bass extension to 25 Hz or Sub4 for bass extension and added dynamic headroom.

4 SEAS Drivers

CNCed HDF parts in dull black (high density wooden material, without the downsides of MDF like soaking edges, etc).

Screwless FR driver mount, no visible screws on upper tube (screws crossed out red in picture)

Capless lower tube mount

Screwless upper tube support

2 Speakon 4-way plugs “1-click”

2 Upper Tuber predrilled, raw white, import ,
2 Lower Tube raw white import
Screw Set upper tube
10 Rubber Feet
2 Speakon Holder CNCed HDF with black Screws
Screw Set lower tube&base
2 new fullrange mounting rings
2 Rubber Coupler import
5 m cable 2x 1,5mm²
2 Pack Damp. Wool Monacor MDM2
2 Strips MDM2 Damp Wool for Upper Tubes

Additional product information

tube color Wunschfarbe nach RAL-Nummer
SEAS drivers incl drivers

Selection: LXmini kit

Product no. tube color SEAS drivers Price
LXmini kit-glas transparent incl drivers
LXmini kit-bk dull black incl drivers
LXmini kit-indv Wunschfarbe nach RAL-Nummer incl drivers
LXmini kit-raw noDrv unlacquerd white no drivers


Product Note Price
LXmini Construction Plans and License LXmini Construction Plans and License
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable
LXmini HDF lacq
PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER
(function: Master)
PowerBox 4180 PowerBox 4180
PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog

Product data sheet

ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass
(DIY: JFETs w/ pcb, 3mm alu case)
ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass ASP LXmini+2 Nelson Pass
(DIY: stuffed & tested pcb, 3mm AluCase)
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