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LXmini kit

  • LXmini kit for one pair of loudspeakers, enhanced and containing CNC-precision mitered HDF parts.
  • Holes and screws are partially replaced by dedicated substitute parts.
  • Hidden cabling.

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LXmini construction plans and license from Linkwitzlab

PowerBox-LXmini Y-cable pair, feeding LXminis with only 1-click connection

Multilayer Lacquering of eight HDF parts in dull black

  • 2 Baseplates
  • 2 Driver mounting plates
  • 2 Diffusor support blocks
  • 2 speakON holder 

(function: Master)

High End DSP with 6x ncore_logo_bearb_1_2 amplification

MASTER Version

  • for LXmini/+2 and LXstudio as standalone machine
  • for LX521.4 as main unit in a MASTER-FOLLOWER tandem
function: Master

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PowerBox 4180

  • 4xy UcD180OEM power amplifiers

As MASTER Version

  • for LXmini as standalone unit
  • for LXmini+2 and LXstudio with additional woofer amplifier
  • for LX521.4 as main unit in a MASTER-FOLLOWER tandem.

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