LXstudio High End System

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LXstudio system:

  • one pair of LXsirius speakers
  • one pair of LXsub4 subwoofers
  • one PowerBox NCore
  • Multicore SpeakOn Verbindungskabel zwischen PowerBox und LXsirius/LXsub4 (2,5m per side)

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Product Quantity Price
2 piece(s) 2,356.20 *
LXstudio upgrade, LXsub4
1 piece(s) 1,773.10 *
PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER
1 piece(s) 2,963.10 *
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable
1 piece(s) 129.71 *
PowerBox-LXsub Y-cable
1 piece(s) 153.51 *
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