precisionASP LX521.4


precisionASP LX521.4

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  • High End precision ASP with shortest feedback loops and dedicated ground returns.

  • Tight 1% polypropylene-caps and 0,1% metal thin film precision audio resistors, allowing 20x better inter-channel matching.

  • Highest performance audio OpAmps, single opamps.

  • Balanced signal input with 3-step rumble filter: off – med – hi.

  • Input gain increase by 12dB possible (install jumper).

  • Ultra stable Mica caps for RF filtering.

  • Optimised gain structure in woofer channel

  • Smart power supply decoupling with feed-tru capacitors and large local buffer capacities.

  • +/-13V rails, from ultra low noise LDOs.

  • DIN 5-pole power plug compatible with MeanWell desktop PSUs

  • Slim design. Massive 3mm full aluminum case with stainless steel front plate: ca. 44 x 36 x 5,5 cm.

  • Dedicated case grounding point (M4 screw).

  • Neutrik XLR input and output plugs. XLR-RCA adapter cables optional, available in our webshop.


Product Note Price
ASP Std PSU-15 ASP Std PSU-15
(Volt: +/-15V)
82.11 *
RCA-XLR adaptor cable, 1m RCA-XLR adaptor cable, 1m
(color: rot)
35.58 *
RCA-XLR adaptor cable, 1m RCA-XLR adaptor cable, 1m
(color: dull white)
35.58 *
Y cable XLR Y cable XLR
22.61 *
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