LX521 Beryllium Tweeter

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Beryllium tweeters for LX521.4 s topbaffles.

Beryllium is extremely stiff, light, rare and expensive. Their smaller dome (19mm vs 24mm) is a further step towards the ideal point source.

Off axis response improved without compromising the overlay with high mid driver (see 5kHz)

The inprovement is not only in the highs. Mids and lows profit from the enhanced overtone components. Spacial details improve.

These Be Tweeters radite up to 80kHz and may even act as "super-tweeters". Despite we are not able to listen to static tones above 20kHz, our perception of transients may change , when the recorded high frequency adds to the spectral content of the transients.

Beryllium Tweeters maybe selected as upgrade for LX521.4 turnkey systems.

Available on request for DIY upgraders. Neither baffle change nor crossover change necessary!

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