LXmini Baseplate Set

LXmini Baseplate Set

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LXmini was designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging, when properly set up. The speakers will reveal what is in a recording, but never add unpleasantness. You will get lost in the music and have a big smile on your face, guaranteed!

The LXmini is a 2-way loudspeaker. The speakers frequency range extends from 45 Hz to 20 kHz. The horizontal and vertical off-axis frequency response, which is heard via the room, is spectrally neutral. Thus, listening off-axis merely changes the viewing angle to the phantom acoustic scene rendered by the seemingly absent loudspeakers. 



Product Note Price
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable
PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER PowerBox 6pro NCore MASTER
(function: Master)
PowerBox 4180 PowerBox 4180
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