LX521 - The Reference

LX521 - The Reference

LX521 - The Reference

The LX521.4 exemplifies the best of 50 years of experimentation about rendering stereo recordings in domestic living spaces.

Designed by Siegfried Linkwitz, free of commercial pressures, aiming for a fully satisfying enjoyment of his favourite music. With the LX521.4 , he has arrived at a level of performance, which makes him search no further.

Neutral sound, clarity, speed, spatial openness and disappearance from one's auditory illusion. It renders a superb recording, probably as good as it gets. A highly enjoyable experience.

The LX521.4 is a 4-way loudspeaker, designed as full-range dipole, for flat on-axis and off-axis response in the horizontal plane and frontal hemisphere. The speakers need breathing room of at least 1 m to the nearest large reflecting surfaces and a room with a minimum floor size of 25 sqm.


  • V-frame woofers and baffle supports are dull dark anthracite.
  • Bridges and topbaffles colored in individual custom color or made from precious wood MPX-veneer of choice e.g. American Walnut, Cherry, Bubinga, Paduk, Mahagony.
  • Panzerholz, Panzerholz/precious veneer and Alu-Panzerholz-Alu topbaffles are available on special request.
  • Bridges come with elegant 45deg miters.

Shipping Information:
The turnkey V-Frame woofers are 33kg each.
To ship the system with all woofer drivers installed, it needs a 130kg airfreight palette. Airfreight cost to the US: usually 800-1200€. 
If you select the cheaper parcel shipping (4 parcels, limit:30kg each), the upper woofers will ship in an extra parcel. They need to be inserted after delivery with 8 bolts and nuts.


Product Note Price
PowerBox 6pro NCore PowerBox 6pro NCore
PowerBox 4180 PowerBox 4180
LX521 cable from PowerBox 6pro NCore LX521 cable from PowerBox 6pro NCore
LS 3 Set of 4 Multilayer Sorbothane Absorbers, together up to 48kg LS 3 Set of 4 Multilayer Sorbothane Absorbers, together up to 48kg
effective damping pads below LXsub4, h=7mm
BS Foam BS Foam
Backside of the two mid drivers lacquerd black
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