LXmini - the "Giant Killer"

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the "Giant Killer"

The LX521.4 Reference Loudspeaker has received much applause from music lovers all over the world. But it has also caused disappointment because it requires a fair amount of space and breathing room, which many housings do not provide. On top of that the LX521 is too expensive for many and/or its acoustically defined shape is not pleasing to someone in the household. Such objections are particularly aggravating, when the near live like sound volume capability, for which the LX521 was designed, is neither wanted nor could be tolerated in the given living space, or if they were willing to give up bass below 45 Hz for a much smaller loudspeaker.

LXmini offers a true alternative to the LX521, except for the bigger speaker's extended bass. With a 700 Hz LR2 crossover to a small, full-range and open-baffle driver, and with a diffusing as well as attenuating structure for controlling the rear radiation, the polar response tends towards cardioid behavior and reduces reflections from objects behind the speaker.

With directivity controlled in this way the LXmini becomes much less sensitive to room placement, while also gaining in 3D imaging precision. The small, full-range driver on top is superbly smooth and detailed. It blends flawlessly with the pistonic, infinite transmission line woofer for a completely neutral sound in a reverberant room. The speaker stands 40" (1 m) tall.

The LXmini is a most remarkable loudspeaker. It converts electrical signal voltages into acoustic pressure variations, which are perceived as completely neutral and detailed even in a reverberant environment. With this design, Siegfried Linkwitz wants to give every music lover the opportunity enjoy a reference quality sound system singing in their own living space.

This turnkey speaker pair comes with dull black lacquered HDF parts, hidden cabling, rear hex grills in the diffusors, tubes in dull dark anthracite (or color of choice).

Alternativelyall tubes in full transparent acrylic glass with black damping mats inside. It allows you to place individual/seasonal decor between damping material and the tubes inner side.


Product Note Price
PowerBox 4180 PowerBox 4180
The electronics between (CD-) player and the LXminis 2,249.10 € *
PowerBox 6pro NCore PowerBox 6pro NCore
The electronics between (CD-) player and the LXminis 2,963.10 € *
LXsirius+2 upgrade LXsirius+2 upgrade
Upgrade to LXmini+2 from 583.10 € *
LXstudio upgrade, LXsub4 LXstudio upgrade, LXsub4
Upgrade to LXstudio 1,773.10 € *
PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable PowerBox-LXmini/LXsirius Y-cable
Connects the PowerBox with the LXmini pair from 129.71 € *
Cable Amplifier to LXmini or LXsub Cable Amplifier to LXmini or LXsub
Not required for PowerBox operation: Amplifier cable to LXmini from 29.63 € *
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