the "Giant Killer"

The LXmini is a most remarkable loudspeaker. It converts electrical signal voltages into acoustic pressure variations, which are perceived as completely neutral and detailed even in a reverberant environment.

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PowerBox 4180

  • 4xy UcD180OEM power amplifiers

As MASTER Version

  • for LXmini as standalone unit
  • for LXmini+2 and LXstudio with additional woofer amplifier
  • for LX521.4 as main unit in a MASTER-FOLLOWER tandem.
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High End DSP with 6x ncore_neg amplification

MASTER version

  • LXmini/+2 and LXstudio as standalone unit
  • LX521.4 as main unit in a MASTER-FOLLOWER tandem
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LXsub2 woofers upgrade

  • for LXsirius+2 or LXmini+2
  • A system upgrade from LXsirius/LXmini to LXsirius+2/LXmini+2 requires two LXsub2
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Upgrade your LXsirius to LXstudio with two LXsub4

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PowerBox-LXmini Y-cable pair, feeding LXminis with only 1-click connection

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LXmini / sub Cable

4 x 2,5mm² cable with Neutrik speakON® 4 pole plug mounted on LXmini side.
Four gold plated bananas plugs for DIY mounting on amp side

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