LXsub2 kit

(SEASdrivers: included, Type: all, Color: black)

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The powerful LXsub2 enlarges LXminis useable frequency spectrum by one octave downwards

The LXsub2 kit contains:

  • round cabinets, unlacquered
  • precision mitered HDF parts
  • SpeakOn plugs
  • internal cabling
  • FastOn plugs
  • screws
  • mounting stencils
  • SEAS XM004 Woofer, special edition black


Not included:

Glue, Paint, Tools, Linkwitz plan/license

Additional product information

SEASdrivers included

Selection: LXsub2 kit

Product no. SEASdrivers Type Color Price
LXsub2-kit-silver included all silver
LXsub2-kit-black included all black
LXsub2-kit-no-drv not included all silver