PowerBox 6pro NCore FOLLOWER

(function: Follower)

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PowerBox 6pro NCore with Hypex DLCP digital signal processor.
6x Hypex NCore amplification  output plugs

This is a high power device (more than 1000W) for professional use acc EN 61000-3-2 (Class A). Its connection to the electric network may require approval by the local electricity supplier.

Analogue input
The  DLCP  has  two  (stereo)  analogue  balanced  audio  inputs.  The  analogue  input  signal  is  buffered and amplified by a single-stage, fully differential programmable gain amplifier and then converted to digital by the ADC. The ADC is always directly clocked by the on-board oscillator, a low noise Colpitts oscillator with a locally regulated supply, causing less jitter. After the analogue to digital conversion the signal is processed by the DSP.

Digital input
The  DLCP  contains  four  separate  digital  inputs,  permitting  the  use  of  different  interconnection standards (AES/EBU and S/PDIF). Optimal clock quality is insured by routing the clock through separate IC’s from the data signals, and by local regulation of all supplies on the AES input circuit.  
Incoming AES / S/PDIF is send to the DSP through an asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) to reduce jitter.  
When the input is set to “Auto detect”, the ASRC chip scans its inputs for whichever digital signal is present. The input source is automatically switched to digital when present, using the priority described below. If the digital audio source is removed, the input will be automatically switched back the last chosen analogue input.  
Auto detect input priority high to low:
1)  AES
3)  USB_audio
4)  Optical   

Digital output
The DLCP contains two separate digital outputs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF. The selected digital input is directly send to both digital outputs. (Without filtering)

The DSP filtering can be changed by Hypex Filter Design (HFD) software. The digital outputs from the DSP are fed to the DACs. The DAC chip receives data from the DSP and clock either from the crystal oscillator or from the digital input section. The digital signal is then converted to analogue by the DAC. The post filter is executed twice, providing a balanced load to the  DAC and delivering a high output level to the power amplifier.

A microcontroller controls the DSP and other ICs and I/O’s on the PCB, communicates with the control board, PC and/or other DLCP’s that may be attached. When the module is powered on it will automatically start up with the last settings. All settings, like volume and source selection, are stored after a change is made. 

Follower , so no control and indication panel. These duties are performed by the MASTER PowerBox, when operation the LX521.4 in a MASTER-FOLLOWER tandem

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PoBox6-M Master 2,963.10 € *
PoBox6-F Follower 2,963.10 € *
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